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About Us

Mersin Foods has started its journey within awareness that success comes with walking into consumers’ life and being permanent by appealing to their magnificent taste.

Therefore, in 2003, Mersin Foods was founded to present its high-quality, appetizing and natural ingredients to the consumers. Since its establishment, Mersin Foods has moved ahead with impressive development. Today in Iraq, as Mersin Foods, in order to create better satisfaction every single day, we keep going by improving ourselves with also being a part of more than 10 million people’s life in every month. At this point, we are continuously monitoring the raw materials used in the products and the final goods with our quality assurance system in order to keep our consumer’s confidence in our products maintained. We keep improving our quality system in world-class standards in order to produce the magnificent and high-quality taste that our consumers are expecting.

Currently, there are many products growing under Mersin umbrella, meeting consumer needs. There is a wide range of products, from dairy products to frozen fruit & vegetables and also different types of goods which are leading in their field.

OUR VISION: Always satisfy and give confidence to our customers as one of the leading food brands in Iraq.

OUR MISSION: Being a value-creating and innovative brand, expanding continuously and serving indefectibly to our consumers with the healthiest and the most delicious products that have lingering flavors.

OUR POLICIES: Customer Satisfaction: Put customer needs and wishes first and carry out production accordingly.
Quality: Do monitor every step of production, and always keep up the quality.
Taste: Make sure that our products are always delicious and top quality.
Technology: Closely follow technological developments in the sector, and be innovative and enterprising.
Respect for Society: Be respectful of social values, the law, and the environment.
Product Variety: Present consumers with new products as dictated by market needs and consumer trends.

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